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Southern Nevada

We're excited to introduce our ambitious single-family buildout project, comprising 100 units located within an opportunity zone. This endeavor exemplifies our commitment to leveraging strategic locations and tax advantages to create substantial value for both investors and the community. Situated in a prime opportunity zone, this project presents a unique chance to achieve impressive returns while contributing to the economic development of the area. Our comprehensive expertise in development, coupled with our understanding of opportunity zone benefits, positions us to maximize the potential of this project.

Each single-family unit within this development is meticulously designed to offer modern living with a touch of luxury. From thoughtfully planned layouts to high-quality finishes, our focus remains on providing comfortable and attractive homes that appeal to a wide range of residents. Presidio Hill Investments takes pride in our ability to identify and capitalize on lucrative investment opportunities. Our single-family buildout project stands as a testament to our commitment to creating value, driving growth, and fostering positive impacts within the communities we serve.

Key Benefits of Investing in Single Family Housing

Stability and Demand

Single-family homes tend to attract long-term tenants, providing consistent rental income and reducing vacancy risks due to the demand for family-oriented housing.

Appreciation Potential

Historically, single-family homes have shown steady appreciation over time, offering the potential for capital growth and increased equity.


Adding single-family properties to your investment portfolio can diversify risk, as they often perform differently compared to other real estate asset classes.

Tenant Quality

Families seeking single-family homes often have stable employment and income, leading to higher quality and more reliable tenants.

Control Over Investment

As the sole owner of the property, you have greater control over property management decisions, allowing for tailored strategies to maximize returns.

Less Maintenance

Typically, tenants in single-family homes take better care of the property, resulting in reduced maintenance costs compared to multi-unit properties.


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